Delta Gas and Power

With over 17 years’ experience in the energy trade and caring experience, we decided to combine our skill sets, and we created Delta Gas and Power.Delta Gas and Power’s motto is to be customer focused, simple and transparent.

We understand that running a business is complex, and at times stressful enough, without having to concern yourself with the hassle which is often associated with the Big Six. We aim to streamline your energy process, powering your business, while not breaking the bank!

Here at Delta we are not just talking, and here is how we will assist you and your business:


No Advertisements – we don’t believe in big glossy advertisement campaigns, be it on TV, magazines, billboards etc. As in days gone by, you will hear about us through your family and friends, who will have noticed more competitive bills compared to their previous suppliers. We are sure they will also tell you about how simple the process is and will continue to be, and how customer friendly and transparent we are. By not spending on these extravagant campaigns, we are able to keep our prices LOW!

Tailored Pricing – We take you as an individual rather than just any other customer. Based on your circumstances, we give you the best price which helps you save money. We know how hard you have worked for it, so why not use it on something more important for you.

Aftercare support – it is our promise that you will be well looked after. Our vision is to have a long-lasting relationship. Our aim is to always exceed your expectations on a level of service you will receive from us.

Call us for your free consultation with one of our energy experts who will discuss our very attractive contracts among other benefits and incentive we like to offer to our new and existing customers.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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