We are committed in making your energy simply and transparent

We are proud to be a part of smart meter roll out to help businesses reduce energy cost and meet carbon-reduction targets set by UK Government. We aim to provide 122 Electricity meter and 55 Gas meter to the businesses by the end of 2022.

What is Smart meter?

Smart meters are the new generation meters which gives you full control over your energy usage by making it transparent, saving you money and running your business efficiently.

How Can Smart Meter Help my business?

Smart meter helps in monitoring your energy use efficiently and accurately. It transmits meter reads automatically to us, making your bill accurate. This will give you full control over your energy usage which will help save you money.

How much does it cost?

Vast majority of business will be provided smart meter for free. There may occasionally be some cost associated with the smart meter installation, if so, will notify you in advance.

Ready to join smart meter world?

Get in touch with the team on 0208 610 9798 or email us at metering@deltagasandpower.co.uk

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